Travelling Samovar - The Tea House

412 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, VIC 3054, Australia

Tel: 0417 182 822

Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm

Drink tea:

The Travelling Samovar is a remarkable tea house in the heart of Carlton North, where drinking tea becomes an experience. Over 50 teas from the best growing regions of Japan, Burma, India and China are served with style and ceremony, true to their cultural origins.

The tea house is a beautiful little gem, where you can sit in the secluded garden or by the open fire, surrounded by south East Asian artifacts. The Travelling Samovar is the perfect place to escape the buzz or the mundane and to discover truly magnificent tea accompanied by wholesome house-baked cakes.

Buy tea & tea accessories:

Most teas on our menu are available for purchase along with a beautiful selection of tea accessories. We sell the entire range of Larsen & Thompson teas and tea wares, in store and online. 

The Samovar:

In traditional societies, the samovar* is the heart of the house, where people gather around, where strangers are welcomed and where tea and stories are shared. Our tea house invites you to listen to the story of tea and explore its multifaceted culture.

  *samovar is a metal urn traditionally used to heat and boil water. It is believed that samovars originated in Persia from where they travelled with migrating folks until they established themselves in Russia and became a symbol of tea culture.